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Technical Section Teambuilding Q4 @ EQ
2009 Dec
Technical Section Teambuilding Q4 held successfully at Equatorial Hotel. A very merry celebration indeed!
Office Christmas Celebration
2009 Dec
A few sections held celebrations for Christmas including the Office Christmas Celebration for Management, Technical, & Administration. Was full of food, joy & Christmas cheer. Have a blessed Christmas!
Outsourcing (Plexus) Dinner Gathering @ TGIF
2009 Dec
The Outsourcing (Plexus) section held their Q4 Teambuilding Dinner Gathering at TGI Friday's.
Intradeco Facebook "Be a FAN!!" Competition
2009 Nov
The winners for the Intradeco FB "Be a FAN!!" Competition have been announced! Congratulations to Daniel Ho & Yue LM!
Intradeco @ 6th Penang Career Expo
2009 Nov
Intradeco received good response from job seekers at 6th Penang Career Expo held at PISA. Thank you for the support from candidates & the Career Expo Volunteer Team!
2010 Annual Dinner Preparations
2009 Nov
The Annual Dinner Committee is busy preparing for next year's Annual Dinner. Among the shortlisted hotel venues visited over the weekend were Equatorial Hotel & the brand new Eastin Hotel.
Intradeco - Microsoft Office SBE Promo Launch
2009 Nov
Intradeco - Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 35% Promotion until Nov 20! Grab this extreme value promotion today!
Outsourcing SCSD MFG Teambuilding Q3
2009 Oct
Outsourcing SCSD MFG Teambuilding Q3 successfully held at E&O Hotel Sarkies Corner. The spread definitely looks mouthwatering!
Outsourcing CCSD Recognition Q3
2009 Oct
Congratulations to our top performers in Outsourcing CCSD in 2009 Q3! You guys rock!!
Outsourcing NCSD Teambuilding Q3
2009 Sep
Outsourcing NCSD Teambuilding Q3 successfully had their teambuilding session at Batu Ferringhi Beach! Love the night photo light-play shots!
Intradeco Community @ Facebook
2009 Sep
We have launched our Intradeco Community page via Facebook. Find out more on Latest Company News, Career Openings, Articles, Photos, Competitions & much more! Join our growing community today at www.facebook.com/intradeco