1. New User Registration Guide
2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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1. New User Registration Guide

Login Particulars
1. Click on New User Registration to begin
2. Fill in your Email Address (used as your Login ID), Password, Password Confirmation & IC #
3. Fill up Referral Name if you were referred to by any Intradeco employee

Personal Details
Six sections are required to be filled up to complete your personal details for your resume
1. Personal Particulars
2. Address
3. Education
4. Language
5. Skill
6. Work Experience

Once you have filled up all six sections, you are done!
You can click on View Profile to view your complete resume & make further edits
HR will contact you on positions available

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2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I have registered but am not able to login?
A: Have you validated/verified your email?
If you have not received the validation/verification email, please check your spam folder
If this does not resolve your issue, please email careers@intradeco.com.my

Q: I have forgotten my password
A: Go to the main page of the Online Resume System Click on "Forgot Password?"
Enter your Login ID & IC No to retrieve your password
Your password will be sent to your email used in registration

Q: How do I change my current password?
A: Login to your account on the Online Resume System
Click on My Account - Change Password

Question Not Answered or Bug Report?
Please email careers@intradeco.com.my

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